What is bronchospasm?

Airways squeezing in. The airways are made of flexible and thus collapsible tissues. Some folks have "sensitive airways" which squeeze/narrow too much too quick upon contact with irritants (smokes, chemicals, dust, viruses etc) causing difficulty with breathing/asthmatic attacks etc..During an attack, a person has trouble breathing because the airways are too narrow--albuterol helps opening up. Consult doc. Good luck.
Airway tightening. In broncospasm the air tubes in the lung constrict(get smaller) often in response to an allergen like smoke or pollen. Avoid tobacco smoke as much as possible!

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I am a smoker. I have coughing problem and bronchospasm. What can be done?

Cough. Simplest answer: stop smoking. After that, see your doctor if coughing and with bronchospasm because you might need nebulizers, cough meds and possibly a chest x-ray. Bottom line though is to stop smoking. Read more...