When should you take proton pump inhibitors over tums (calcium carbonate)?

AA's versus PPI's. Tums (calcium carbonate) is an antacid--it helps neutralize acid that has already been produced, & as such has value in providing immediate relief of indigestion. Proton pump inhibitors block acid production & are best used to heal peptic disease & address acid reflux.

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Dear doc, is cod liver oil safe to take with: 1. bp meds (beta blockers, calcium channel blockers) 2. proton pump inhibitors & 3. VitD3 supplements?

Yes. It's fine to take with the blood pressure medications and the proton pump inhibitor. I would probably stop the vitamin D supplement as cod liver oil has vitamin A and D as the main vitamin sources. Vitamin D is one you can get in trouble with because it is fat soluble and can accumulate in your organs if you take too much. Read more...