Will I need a pap smear to get an implanon?

Pap smear. It depends on when you had your last pap smear and pelvic exam.
Pap Smear. This depends on when your last pap smear was taken, your age, and the results of your last pap smear. Most doctors like to have a current normal pap but nothing is set in stone because the guidelines for paps seem to be a moving target and have been changing. It is best to ask the doctor who is putting the implants in you what he requires. Hope this helps! :).

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It's been over 3years since my last pap smear. I have the Nexplanon, and need to get it removed. Is a pap smear required before the removal?

No. A pap isn't required proior to removal of a nexplanon but a pap every 3 years is recommended and any given provider may feel it is necessary for them to be responsible for your care. Hope this helps.