How do chemical peels for acne work?

Many different types. Salicylic acid, peels, are one of the most common and may cause temporary stinging or burning. Over the next several days you may experience dry flaky skin which will benefit from gentle exfoliation with a non-comedogenic moisturizer.
Several ways. Chemical peels that are selected just for you work on acne in several ways. The chemicals penetrate into the follicles and work to kill the bacteria that cause the acne. Then the dead skin is taken off. Th oil is removed as well. It leaves the skin healthier and the chance, if regular hygiene is maintained , for less scarring .

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Do chemical peels work on acne scars?

No. Chemical peels are not strong enough to do anything about scars and most benefits from peels are temporary. There are many types of peels but they are a caustic way of treating hyperpigmantation on a temporary basis. They can also help with acne to dry it up temporarily. Strong peels require downtime. Read more...

What is the best treatment for deep acne scars? Would chemical peels or lasers work?

Fractionated laser . One of the best treatments for acne scarring is fractionated laser. Depending on your skin color, texture and extent of scarring there are different laser options out there. A non-ablative fractionated laser like the fraxel re:store or dual has no real downtime, but requires multiple treatments. A fractionated co2 laser is more aggressive with about a week downtime, but may give faster results. Read more...