What is the treatment hallux valgus?

The condition Is . When the great toe deviates towards the lateral aspect of the foot, towards the lesser toes and the first metatarsal deviated towards the midline of the body. Treatment is wider shoes or surgery, this is often referred to a bunion as well.
Sugical management. Various surgical procedures are available to treat hallux valgus depending on the type and severity of the deformity. The procedures are designed to correct abnormalities of soft tissues, remove the prominent “bump” of bone, correct the changes in the bony structures, and to realign the big toe and associated structures. The goal of surgery is to reduce pain and improve function.
Either or. Conservative treatment options include shoes with more room for the toes, local shoe stretching and padding of the bunions. These measures provide comfort and may be suitable for some. If these measures fail, surgery can provide longterm relief and correct the deformity. There is no one bunion surgery, and depending how severe the bunion is can be involved. Talk to an experienced foot surgeon.