I have a scar from surgery. Will cosmetic surgery improve it?

Scar revision. Depending on the extent and depth of the scar kenalog (triamcinolone) injections can minimize the appearance of the scars. For more complicated scars, scar revision may be needed by an experienced plastic surgeon.
Scar post surgery. The first step is to go to a board certified plastic surgeon to see the extent of the scar.It may require some injections or may need to be dermabrade or excised.www.beautybybrueck.com.
Scars are permanent. Scars are the bodies mechanism to heal a wound. They are permanent but if the scar follows the normal facial or body contour then it has the best opportunity to heal well. Scars may be revised but will be replaced with another scar; hopefully, of better quality. Not all areas of the body heal well. Areas such as knees, elbows or the mid chest stretch the healing scar causing it to widen.
Scars are permanent. While scars are permanent, there are different treatments that can help minimize, fade or hide surgical scars. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out what your options are.