How do you remove corns that are on your pinky toes?

Corns. Can be filed down at home. Once they are under control, you can use a foam or silicone toe spacer or sleeve to delay the problem from recurring. These can be purchased at a drugstore. Also wear wider shoes. Avoid "corn remover pads" as they usually contain salicylic acid which can irritate the area. If you have numbness in the feet, over the counter corn remover acids should never be used.
Corns . Develop from irritation. There is usually a over growth of bone under the corn. See a podiatrist.
Corns. First , don't do the home care routine . I have seen i don't know how many patients over the years that have done that with resulting infection. See your podiatrist and if your circulation is ok , a simple procedure can be done to remove the boney enlargement that is the usual culprit .
You can file . The dead skin with an emory board. A podiatrist would use a scalpel. The real problem though is the underlying bone. A more permenant solution would be to have that bone filed down so there is nothing to rub on. Then you won't get the corn.