When you first start taking the Depo-Provera shot, is a pap smear required?

Pap smear. It is not required, but if you are not up to date on your pap smear, it should be done. It is required to make sure you are not pregnant.
Maybe. Pap smears are usually done at the time of administering contraception, as an incentive for women to get annual exams. If you are under 21 or have no indication for a pap smear, it is not necessary in order to get depo-provera.

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I have no STIs, a clear pap smear, no birth control. I have been getting brown painful periods that last 2 wks my 1 and only Depo-Provera was 15 months ago?

Anovulatory bleeding. Pregnancy is always on the list of possibilities when a woman has abnormal uterine bleeding or cycles. You may be having anovulatory cycles (cycle without producing an egg from the ovary). If a urine pregnancy test is negative, i would recommend evaluation by your gynecologist, and treatment will depend on the cause of the abnormal bleeding and your current short-term pregnancy goals. Read more...

I stoped taking the Depo-Provera shot in august and got my period all of september and haven't had my period. Took 4 test and the first was positve?

And the others -? Your first test was positive after a heavy bleed you may have actually gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage and had a lingering positive test. At any rate you should see your gyn doctor. Read more...