I have cataracts and corneal scarring 10 years after laser surgery. What to do if difficult to remove cataracts?

Surgery. If the corneal scarring is not bad, the cataracts can most likely be operated on and your vision improve. All this needs to be determined by the eye surgeon.
Eye surgery. Cataract surgery is usually not a problem unless the scarring is severe and dense. If the corneal scarring is severe, you may need a corneal transplant. I would recommend seeing a corneal specialist.
See an opthalmogist. You can still get surgery as the lens will replace the damaged areas.

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Cateracts 10 years after laser surgery. Corneal scarring. Difficult to remove cateracts. What to do?

Combined surgeries . It depends on the severity of corneal scarring . If severe enough a combined cornea transplant with cataract surgery can be done. If the cornea is still viable consider having a retinal surgeon work with a cataract surgeon to safely remove the cataract . Read more...
Cataract, K scar. New tools help remove cataracts in patients with significant corneal (K) scarring. Trypan blue and other dyes can stain capsule of cataract to make removal safer. More information: eyedoc2020 blogspot com. Read more...