What will happen if you are high risk HPV and have a vaginal birth?

Usually nothing. High risk hpv types are not associated with any problems during vaginal delivery. Hpv 11, which causes warts can cause a rare condition in babies if they are exposed to the vaginal or cervical warts during delivery. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about this.
Probably nothing. While hpv can be transmitted to the baby during a vaginal delivery - it is rare enough that there is no recommendation to void vaginal delivery even when infected with the high risk strains of hpv.

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I have high risk HPV. I'm scared I could have passed it on to my baby when I gave birth to her and it would be left undiagnosed as it is symptom free.?

Don't worry. If your baby contacted HPV from you it would normally have been because you hag genital arts and she would then manifest it by having laryngeal polyps. This is rare and would most likely be bucked up by the pediatrician.
Relax. We do see occasional cases where the wart strains are transferred to baby if they are delivered while you have warts. They can show up around the genitals up to 2 years later or may be seen as vocal cord warts in the same time frame. We do not have any indication they are affected by the high risk strains. That appears to be limited to older patients. I'd quit loosing sleep over it.

How likely is it to pass high risk HPV on to your baby during a vaginal delivery?

Extremely low. The risk is extremely low except in very rare cases. Hpv is not an issue for vaginal delivery. Having hpv does not exclude you from having a vaginal delivery and having a C-section because of hpv is not recommended.

Is it true that birth control pills has an effect on high risk hpv? I'm taking Meliane.

No effect except. There is no effect except that patients using oral contraceptive pills may engage in higher risk sexualactivities with multiple partners that can increase the chances of acquiring a high risk HPV viral strain.

Could stopping birth control be the cause of constant vulvar burning? No yeast/BV/related STDs but do have high risk HPV. Nothing seems to help.

Unlikely. That stopping birth control is the cause. Avoid the use of soaps, personal care products that have scents and dyes, use white unscented toilet paper, wear loose fitting clothing- avoid pantyhose, avoid hot tubs or pools with lots of chlorine. Rinse area with cool water after sex and urination. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

Cervical High Risk HPV caught early, but how do I know it hasn't spread through my vagina or elsewhere?

See your doctor. If your doctor recently found the high risk early HPV via pap smear it is unlikely to have spread elsewhere. Once you see your doctor they will probably make recommendations to remove the pre cancer and continue to screen you for any more suspicious areas. Good luck.
Germ behavior. There are hundreds of strains of HPV and each has carved out it's own favorite territory. Genital strains of HPV stay there. The wart strains like the outer tissue of the labia or penile shaft, while the strains associated with cervical cancer like that tissue. It does not enter your blood to go to other parts of the body. These are issues which you can discuss with your doc at your follow up visits.