What kind of leg pain is often associated with ovarian cancer?

Most likely sciatica. Since ovarian cancer can spread throughout the pelvis, it is most likely due to something like sciatica, or pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes pain down the leg. However, ovarian cancer can also spread to bone, causing pain, as well as release a hormone that can cause breakdown of bone, also leading to pain.
Several. Three answers come to mind: 1. Blood clots. 2. Chemo-related pain 3. Lymphatic fluid build-up. Ovarian cancer can increase your risk of blood clots in your legs. If you're receiving chemo, Taxol (paclitaxel) causes severe leg pain. And if you've had lymph nodes removed from your pelvis, you may have painful swelling in your legs as a result. If your pain is new, you may need an ultrasound to look for clots.