Is there a way to get bigger boobs without plastic surgery?

You cant. There is no safe way to grow boobs... Whether with supplements or medications. Augmentation with a plastic surgeon is the only safe way.
Gain weight. You might not like the way you look elsewhere but generally weight gain is accompanied by breast size increase. :).
Yes. There are other options. Some are better than others. We can use your own fat, which i prefer to mix with platelet-rich-plasma (prp), but you can only gain about one cup size reliably. You can use some otc medications, which don't work very well or some hormonal meds can work. Implants are the most reliable and predicatable way. Dr. Fred www.Cornerstoneplasticsurgery.Com.
Not really! Fat grafting is still surgery, and is controversial--can interfere with the detection of breast cancer--not recommended. Hormones, pills, creams, and herbs are essentially worthless (except to the seller)--don't waste your time or money. Brava suction enlargement is a major time/cost investment for about 1/2 cup enlargement that persists. Plastic surgery by abps-certified plastic surgeon is best!
No. Surgery is the only true tested method for enlargement of the breasts. Newer fat transfer procedures are still being reviewed. Recommend formal surgeon evaluation by a board certified cosmetic surgeon experienced with breast surgery. Most surgeons offer complimentary consultations--take full advantage of educated advice before wasting your time, efforts and money.

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I really want bigger boobs how do I get them without plastic surgery?

^ing breast size. The breasts enlarge naturally with weight gain, puberty, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Some oral contraceptives can be associated with increase in breast size in some women (sometimes). Read more...
Brava. There is a system called brava that is a suction applied to the breasts over time which causes a temporary increase in breast size. You can also have fat injected after the suction treatment for a more permanent result. Read more...