What is vaginal replacement in a cancer patient?

Vagina. When patients undergo extensive surgery by a gynecologic oncologist for advanced or recurrent cancer, the vagina is reconstructed for both sexual function and to decrease complications in the pelvis. We often will reconstruct the new vagina out of a piece of bowel separated from the rest of the bowel. This is done relatively frequently by gyn oncologists.
Vaginal Replacement. Reconstructive surgery for patients who have undergone surgery for vaginal cancer is quite advanced these days, and afford an excellent cosmetic result and patient satisfaction. Your gynecologist can advise you on the options available, which will depend on the extent of your surgery and residual scarring in the tissues.
Reconstruction. There are various ways to reconstruct a vagina after a cancer patient has undergone extensive surgeries to remove cancer. If the scarring and disfigurement was substantial, vaginal reconstruction is an option for patient satisfaction and normal appearance.