Picture of throat in sexually transmitted diseases?

The oral HPV. Human papilloma virus (hvp) is the responsilbe agent for causing >70% of cervical cancers, also anal and oral cancers as well. Here is an example picture of the hpv causing ulceration/cancer of the tongue--it is not pretty. Oral gonorrhea causes nasty looking throat can pose significant public health concern, but it is not a cause of cancer. Live well, live safely drdiyaldas. Good luck.

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What are some common sexually transmitted diseases?

Gonnorhea,Syphilis; The following are common stds 1gonnorhea 2syphilis 3herpes simplex 4chlamydia 5trichomonus infection 6hpv infection 7hiv infection and aids 8chancroid 9Hepatitis B 10 Moluscum Contagiosom 11 Pubic Lice 12Donovanosis(Granuloma Inguinale) Read more...

What are the various germs causing sexually transmitted diseases?

See list. Here is a partial list: oral and genital herpes/(herpes i and ii)... Chlamydia... Gonorrhea... Syphilis... Human pappilloma virus... Human immunodeficiency virus... Hepatitis b... Hepatitis c... Molluscum contagiosum... Herpes viruses 6, 7, and 8.. Chancroid due to hemophilus ducryie... Lymphogranuloma venerium... Trichomoniasis, ... Crabs, pubic lice, and scabies. Read more...