What is nano-microvesicular intervention? What are other alternatives for cryosurgery in treating nsclc?

Not standard. Cryosurgery is not a standard treatment for nsclc at this time. In early stages, excision of the tumor by traditional or minimally invasive means is standard when health condition allows. In more advanced cases chemotherapy with or without radiation is needed. Cryosurgery is one of many options (stent, laser, radiofrequency, brachytherapy) used for opening blocked bronchial tubes.
NSCLC treatment. The treatments mentioned are non-conventional. Standard treatment is based on stage, operability (due to stage or medical condition), performance status, and age. Early stage nsclc (i-ii)- standard surgical resection +- chemotx. Unresectable early stage- focused stereotactic body radiation (sbrt). International study comparing sbrt to surgery for resectable . Stage iii- chemort stage IV -chemo.