26 female, h'v been prescribed retin-a cream by dermtolgst 4some sort of acne on face, applied every night for 2weeks, bt now skin is extreme dry &stiff?

How to use Retin A (tretinoin) Retin a (tretinoin) can be difficult to use. You may want to start using it gradually such as every other night. In case your doctor didn't tell you here are some instructions. Wash with a gentle soapless fragrance free cleanser. Dry your face and let it continue to dry for 30 more minute. Then apply a green pea size drop to the entire face.This will make it easier to use.
Fairly common. Retin a (tretinoin) commonly causes dryness of the skin. Ask the dermatologist for a moisturizer that would be safe to use on the acne-prone areas to help combat the dryness caused by the retina. Acne is often accompanied by oily skin- so drying the oil can be beneficial to therapy.