What are the chances of getting HPV if you have unprotected sex with someone who's infected?

Pretty high. We don't know exactly, but we do have studies that follow women at a young age to see the risk. Some studies, following women who claim to have had sex for the first time, and with minimal partners, and data shows that 40% will test positive in 2 years after first having sex. That's a pretty high acquisition risk! We also know that 80% of women will test positive by age 50! protect yourself!

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What are the chances of not catching HPV from person who's infected when you have unprotected sex?

Not good. But don't worry! Hpv is very common and highly contagious. If you know you have been exposed to it, get regular pap smears and follow up as directed by your doctor.

How likely is the contraction of HPV if you have unprotected sex with an infected person?

Unacceptable. Is possible to be lucky if you only had unprotected sex once with an hpv +ve partner. No reliable ststistics available to give %risk or chance. But, even 1% risk would be too high, and risks must be in the 20 -50% range. Please get checked & get prophylactic or necessary treatment asap.

I recently was diagnosed with hpv. And had unprotected sex with someone I am seeing. Does this mean they automatically got infected? Or is passing it on, only possible, but doesn't necessarily mean they got it that first & only time we have had sex

No one knows.... .. the answer since exposure to infective agents does not mean contracting them, and contracting them does not mean developing their related diseases, reflecting personal strength/integrity of defense mechanism which has two lines: external natural barrier - skin/mucosa and internal humoral immune ability - white blood cells/antibodies. So, time will tell the story, but knowing exposure begins...
No. The majority of women over college age will be HPV positive on blood tests. The initial infection may go unrecognized and self heal. Those with active sores are more likely to pass it. The germ can then hibernate in your body indefinitely. You can then shed/pass it off & on or never. You may or may not ever have a related complication. So the answer is no---you don't necessarily pass it with sex.

I have low grade HPV and my husband is a carrier, we are both infected. Will this be deadly and can we contiue to have unprotected sex?

Exclusively, yes. If you two are the only two people involved in sexual contact, unprotected sex is all yours. However, if you have an abnormal pap smear, please get it evaluated with your GYN ASAP to avoid any possible future cervical disease.