Can exercise cause slight increase ALT and AST but still normal range with normal ggt, alk phos and bilirubin?

Normal is normal. Taking promethium? Can also affect liver chemistries. Overall, sounds ok. Follow up with md.
Possible. Ast and alt are very sensitive to to all kinds of things. Shake your liver around a little too much, drink a little too much alcohol, take the right combo of meds in a little excess or have a little dietary indiscretion and you can see mild increases in ast / alt. Normal levels are still normal and in general we don't get too concerned unless levels are greater than twice the upper limit of normal.

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Albumin in range, total n direct bilirubin in range, alk phos-in range, globulin 2.4, ag ratio 1.63 but AST and ALT -262 n 213. Pl advice?

Ongoing injury. The transaminases (ast and alt) are quite high indicating some of your liver cells are injured and leaking contents into the bloodstream. I'm glad your other labs are in range. This may be acceptable given your underlying chronic hepatitis, or it may be a guide to management now or in the future. Read more...