Is it true that gardasil will prevent vaginal cancer?

Yes. Cervarix is another vacination against hpv 16 & 18 , gardiasil protect against hpv 16 & 18, also 6 & 11. 16 & 18 are associated with cervical, vaginal, vulvar cancer. 6 & 11 more associated with genital wart (not necessary cervical cancer). Cervarix seems to be more potent thant gardiasil for prevention of cancer (still both are very good). Get either one.
Risk reduction. The gardsil vaccine will reduce the risk (but not prevent all cases) of cancer associated with the high-risk hpv viruses. This includes cancer of the vaginal, cervix, vulva, and anus.

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Is it true that young girls who eat chinese food can get vaginal cancer?

Vaginal cancer. This is absolutely false. This type of rumor arises out of hate and racist thoughts. There is no basis for these rumors. Read more...
Chinese Food & Diet. There is no credible evidence linking chinese food to vaginal cancer. All diets, including our "american" diet, contain substances that have been purported to increase the risk of certain cancers - like red meats and animal fats in causing colon cancer. In fact, the literature is pretty sparse on what causes vaginal cancer - the hpv virus & a drug (not used in us) are the only well-known causes. Read more...