I have nasal deviation but I don't feel any pain in my nose. One doctor told me that surgery is required but anothertold me that it is not needed. I'm also feeling some blockage in my ears. What should I do?

Depends. I assume you meant nasal deviation. If there is obstruction in one of the nasal passages due to a deviated nasal septum then surgery will help. A good examination and a ct scan of the nose will help your doctor.
ENT evaluation. Surgery that is correction of the deviated nasal septum may depend on the severity of deviation, and chronic obstructive symptoms, like frequent sinus infection, chronic sinusitis, polyps, sinus headaches etc. You may need surgery if you have these chronic symptoms.
Surgery required. A deviated nasal septum can often interfere with the drainage of fluid from the middle ear and cause pain, fluid buildup, and hearing loss. Surgery is often part of the solution to the problem.