Is gardasil effective for someone who has chlamydia?

Yes. Gardasil is effective regardless of chlamydia exposure. The vaccine will still allow your immune system to build immunity against the hpv virus assuming you are not infected with it already. Gardasil will not treat chlamydia infection.
Different bug. Gardasil is a vaccine to prevent 4 main strains of the human papaloma virus ( there are more).Of those strains 2 are implicated in cancer and 2 in nasty wartlike growths on the labia or penis. It has nothing to do with chlamydia. It offers no protection from chlamydia, but it still helps for the hpv if you get it when you have chlamydia.

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If you dont get gardasil shot does that make you at risk for cervical cancer. Does having had chlamydia in the past make you at risk?

Mixed question. Gardasil can reduce your risk of some strains of HPV that can trigger cervical cancer, if you have the shots before you are exposed.Chlamydia has no direct effect on cancer risk, but the germ likes to live in/destroy the sensitive linings of your Fallopian tubes, which can render you unable to have a normal pregnancy. Read more...