Is an enlarged uterus a sure sign of uterine cancer?

No. An enlarged uterus is not a "sure" sign of uterine cancer. The uterus can be enlarged for other reasons including fibroids. It is important to be evaluated by your doctor so that he/she can do a compete evaluation.
Enlarged uterus. Not at all. Your may have a uterine fibroid - a benign growth in the uterus. Of course, I assume you ruled our pregnancy. There are other causes of uterine enlargement, so it is best to follow up with your gynecologist for further evaluation and treatment.

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My mom has uterine cancer and is having her uterus taken out. What should she expect?

Depends. It depends on how far along her cancer is. If very early in development, simply removing the uterus may be all she needs. If further along, the surgery may become more "radical" and require removal of other organs such as ovaries, tubes, lymph nodes. Depending upon how she has the surgery done, her recovery could last from 4 weeks to an indefinite time.
Uterine cancer. Usually abdominal surgey, depending on final pathology, discussion of further treatment.

If I had uterine cancer before and have a cyst on my ovary should I be scared. I don't have a uterus anymore?

What kind of cyst? I'm really glad you had a hysterectomy for your uterine cancer and trust that you'll have a good outcome. Most women have a cyst or two in the ovaries and if the radiologist isn't worried, I wouldn't be either. Best wishes.

Had transvaginal ultrasound. Everything ok except of enlarged uterus and potentially growing fibroid (2cm).could doc misinterpret fibroid for cancer?

Follow up. It is unusual for cancer for your age, but you should have follow up and if growing you should have biopsy.
Hmm. If concerned about cancer I would ask your doctor for a second opinion. Fibroids are benign growths and more common in a young patient. Good luck.

Is heavy or abnormal bleeding a sign of uterine cancer? I am 40 years old and have abnormal bleeding. What are my chances that it's uterine cancer? .

It. It would be extremely rare to have uterine cancer. Other possibilities such as hormonal imbalance is a far more common possibility. Fibroids are benign (not cancerous) growths in the uterus that cause bleeding. Checking in with your gynecologist or family practitioner for a complete evaluation is the best decision.

Uterine lining is 9 mm and some fluid. Are these strong signs of uterine cancer?

Not necessarily. Uterine thickening of 9 mm is not bad enough to suspect cancer. Your doctor will guide you further but Cancer is unlikely to be the cause of your Ultrasound reported findings.

What are the signs and symptoms of uterine cancer and vaginal cancer?

Irregular bleeding. Uterine cancer may be asymptotic. Symptoms include, vaginal bleeding after menopause, prolonged periods or bleeding between periods, an abnormal, watery or blood-tinged discharge from your vagina, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, enlarged lymph lymphnodes. In the case of vaginal cancer a mass or ulcer in the vagina. Anemia, weakness. In late stages, weight loss and cachexia.