In stage 4 ovarian cancer, what does it usually mean if your ca-125 goes from 600 to 222 then back up to 350?

Some response. If therapies are changed we look at the ca125 levels to guide the choice of chemotherapy. This would be compatible with a temporary response to type of therapy.
CA 125. The most important prognostic factor in women with ovarian cancer is the extent and completeness of the initial debulking surgery before chemotherapy. Every patient's ca 125's are different and they are very variable. If on treatment, it is standard not to change chemotherapies unless the ca 125 doubles from the level it was at when the current chemo was started.

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In stage 4 ovarian cancer, what does it mean if after several chemo treatments, if your ca-125 stays same?

Hard to say. If your ca-125 was very elevated to start with, and it's staying the same, that means the ovarian cancer cells aren't growing, which is good! of course you'd feel better if your ca-125 was going down, but that can take some time. If your ca-125 was in the normal range to start with, or only mildly elevated, it might not be an accurate marker for your cancer. How you feel is very important! Read more...
Ovarian cancer. If a ca 125 does not return within the normal range after surgery and chemotherapy, it is worrisome for resistant or residual disease. However, ca 125 alone is not diagnostic. Read more...