I was just told I had an abnormal pap test. What does it mean to have mildly abnormal dysplasia cells?

A premalignant state. Carcinoma of the cervix, a common malignancies of uterus begins in the premalignant state. The Pap test reveals cells that already show signs of transformation or dysplasia. Detecting transforming cells by cytology, , is about 60%. This improves by sampling for HPV to about 80%. We have developed a new mAb (squamous) that gives better than 90% accuracy by IHC.
Common problem. Mild dysplasia is one of the first stages of abnormality to occur when a cervix is infected by hpv (human papiloma virus). This is a common probem and fortunately the body can often clear it by itself. While dysplasia can progress from mild to worse, this is easily treated and most therapy involves monitoring any changes and treating them if the get worse. Trust your OB and don't worry.