What should you do if you get much worse after psychotherapy? I have really stopped trusting meds and/or therapy is helpful and are very risky.

Psychotherapy risks

Working with most professional psychotherapists, you shouldn't be getting worse with therapy. If you are, please tell the therapist and your psychiatrist -- may also need 2nd opinion on your case. This said, unethically-behaving therapists may cause patients to worsen. This is rare, but happens. For ethics for different types of therapists: http://www.goodtherapy.org/ethics-therapy.html
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I'm sorry about your experiences. Your treatment requires 2-way communication (from your providers to you and vise versa). Discuss your feelings with your providers; otherwise they might not know what's happening -- nobody can read your mind. Find a "talk therapist" to help you sort out through your feelings and trace the mistrust to possibly similar situations in the past. Good Luck!
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