I am scared of having a pelvic exam because I was sexually abused as a child. How can I handle it?

Tell Your Doctor! Your ob/gyn physician will have experience treating patients with a history of childhood sexual abuse, and he or she can help you through it by discussing the details of the procedure beforehand and doing whatever you need to feel comfortable, including having people you trust with you for the exam. Inform your doctor well in advance of the exam and you can create a plan for the office visit.
Talk with doctor. This is not uncommon, and there are many skilled, compassionate family physicians & obgyn's who can help you. You can talk with your doctor about what has happened, and s/he should be patient and gentle with you. If don't yet have a doctor but are working with a therapist on these issues, you might ask about referrals to doctors who frequently care for patients with this kind of history.

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What should a guy do in his late twenties who has been sexually abused as a child to overcome the side effects of child abuse?

Consider therapy. Child abuse has many effects on a person, depending on what/who was involved, and what supports there were for the child. A psychotherapist who knows emdr (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) could assist you in dealing with the aftermath -- and help you move forward. Http://www. Emdr. Com/general-information/what-is-emdr. Html good for you in exploring your options! Recovery = possible.
Seek counseling. You have experienced a tremendous trauma as a child and this needs to be dealt with seriously. You need the guidance and supervision of a trained therapist such as a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker to help you deal with the feelings of pain from your early experiences of betrayal of trust and loss of safety. Please seek help asap. You can ask your regular doctor for a reference to a therapist.

What causes a person to commit child abuse/molestation? My moms father&brother sexually abused younger now suffers from schizophrenia/bipolar.

Many things. Such a painful situation here. Many people who abuse or molest children were themselves abused. . . . Thus perpetuating a generational crime against younger (and less powerful) kids in the family. The key is to shift the victim to survivor through timely treatment, as was probably not done for the perpetrator. Sometimes when the child "tells, " she or he is not believed, either. Tragic.
People who have. Been abused/molested tend to molest and abuse children/people. Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder are two different kinds of mental illness and need medicine. They worsen with any stress and can get better with therapy and medicine. Seek a psychiatrist for medicine. Go find a psychologist for counseling and go to primary care if the wait for the psychiatrist is too long.
Many factors. Including risk from addiction to drugs by the parent, a single parent household/ absence of stable father figure, the child's own behavioral issues and others. One do the most challenging is that ⅓ of of abusers have been victims themselves eg The Cycle of Abuse. As individuals with such risk factors, recognition of one own tendencies to replay these, as early as possible with a therapist is key.