How long will it take will to be cured/treated as a teen with HPV genital warts?

Genital Warts. If your warts aren't causing discomfort, you may not need treatment. But if your symptoms include itching, burning and pain or if visible warts are causing emotional distress, your doctor can help you clear an outbreak with medications or surgery. However, the lesions are likely to recur after treatment. Thus, there is no cure.
Varies. Treatment if required, may include freezing,laser or topical agents. The time for clearance and apparent healing varies with the treatment. Some will clear spontaneously without treatment in weeks/months. However, the HPV family of viruses are a lifelong pest. They can hibernate in nearby tissues and return later.You can also shed/pass the virus intermittently.
Please discuss. Please discuss with your doctor because i don't know how severe your warts are.
Weeks. They typical treatment for hpv warts can take several weeks to completely clear up. See your doctor for the fastest, safest, preferred method in your case.