How long does it usually take to recover from cervical cancer surgery?

6-8 weeks. If you've had surgery involving an open incision, or laparotomy, it will take 6-8 weeks to heal. If your surgery was laparoscopic or if you had a cone biopsy your recovery will probably be quicker.
Cervical cancer. It depends on the type of surgery. For invasive cervical cancer, it takes 6 weeks to fully recover from an open or robotic radical hysterectomy or radical trachelectomy.

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Please tell me how long it takes for to recover from cervical cancer surgery?

1 month. Cervical cancer where a radical hysterectomy is performed necessitates removal of uterus plus tubes and ovaries, ureteral dissection to trigone, pelvic lymph node dissection and resection upper vagina. Healing in about 1wk with small bowel dropping to pelvis. Discharge with bowel function and about 2-3 wks home recup.

What type of medical check should one do after cervical cancer surgery?

PelvicExam Pap smear. Routine followup with your gynecologists or the gynecologic oncologists. Pelvic exam and pap smear since one of the common areas of disease recurrence is the vaginal cuff. Depending on stage, your doctor, may also choose to do radiographic imaging.

Does cervical cancer surgery affect tubal ligations?

No. Depending on the type and severity of the cancer, surgery may be local or a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) local surgeries do not affect your tubal ligation.
No. Pre-cancer of the cervix, also called dysplasia, is often treated with leep surgery which would not affect a tubal ligation. More serious invasive cancers of the surgery generally require a hysterectomy, in which case a tubal ligation would no longer be necessary, but the hysterectomy would not change the tubes or adversely affect them.
Cancer or Dysplasia? Either way, cervical cancer can be treated with a radical hysterectomy (if less than stage ib) which makes a tl a mute point. Radiation therapy or chemo won't affect your tl either. If you have dysplasia, leep or cold cone biopsy won't affect your tl either. It's actually a benefit knowing your tubes are blocked with some of the above treatments.

Had cin2 cervical cancer surgery two weeks ago, had no leaking fluids, had my period last week, I've got brownish liquid all the time. Is this normal?

Please call your gyn. #1 u did not have cervical cancer- you had cervical pre-cancer cin-2 #2 your gyn should have told you what to expect post-op and if you are worried please call your gyn, your gyn should have explained that you will get a discharge post op and can last 2-4 weeks but if you were my pt I would check you in the office to make sure no problems, depends how profuse and odorous discharge is.

How long does surgery take to remove Cervical Cancer?

Minor surgery. This is a minor surgery. Will not take long to complete tjis procedure. Probably under one hour. Best regards.

My mom has cervical cancer stage 2 dr's r saying have radiation and chemotherapy but it is possible to have surgery?

Check details. She may be being told to have chemoradiation to shrink the tumor and then have surgery. I'm confused though, you listed a stage for the tumor and that is. Usually from surgical pathology exam. Clinical staging can be used though, so double check the details with her docs. If you aren't comfortable with a treatment plan, seek a2nd opinion before committing to one.
Not advisable. For stage 2 cervical cancer, most people recommend chemo + radiation. Surgery alone is unlikely to remove all the cancer, so they would have to have chemo and/or radiation anyway. Older studies showed very high complication rates with surgery + radiation.

Had cervical cancer and chemo n radiotherapy then surgery for a bowel blockage in july 2013 then today had blood in my urine is this normal?

No need to Yell. Nope. This is not normal. As you have been advised here already, please contact your doctor urgently.
No. Blood in the urine is not normal. I'm not saying the cancer is back, there are many other reasons for this, but I advise you tell your oncologist soon. If the bleeding is significant, go to the hospital. Best wishes.

I have cervical cancer. Waiting for surgery. Last 2 days, having sharp pain. Feels like an extended cramp reaching the inner right of my vagina.?

May not be related. May a simple vaginitis, bring to the attention of your surgeon, if you are not recently examined may need to examine before surgery to make sure the disease is same for your planed surgery. Good luck.

10 months after rad hyster for cervical cancer abdom pain, tenderness, swelling, and slow bowels. 25 radiation treat. No urge to urinate since surgery?

Room for bladder. After the uterus has been removed, there is more room for the bladder to expand. The presence of a uterus is one of the reasons that women stereotypically have to urinate more often than men do. If you ever go more than six hours without urinating, though, or if you ever feel that your bladder is full, but can't empty it, that is a medical emergency.
Abdominal pain. You may need to be evaluated for possibiliy of urinary retention. During radical surgery sometimes the pelvic nerves can be injured causing nerve damage to your bladder. A bladder u/s after voiding may help determine the cause of your pain.