How does time of losing your virginity affect your chance of getting a cervical cancer?

It doesn't. The more sexual partners you have over a lifetime, the higher your risk of contracting a certain sexually transmitted disease called hpv. Certain strains of hpv will increase your risk of cervical cancer.
HPV,Papilloma virus. Hpv is the major cause of lter development of cervical cancer, hence the recommendation that all girls get hpv vaccine before they become sexually active. Having unprotected sex plus numerous partners, which all increase risk of hpv infection are factors putting you at risk for cervical cancer. These are more likely the earlier you lose your virginity, not the actual defloration.

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I lost my virginity and I'm 18. Had sex only once. Was it too early 2 have sex? I'm worried about cervical cancer. Should I get the HPV vaccinations?

Calm down. See your doctor, get a pap smear and hpv testing. If you are hpv (+), chances are good that you will clear it and it will not become a problem. Yes, do get the hpv vaccine whether your are hpv (+) or (-). Read more...