How can you tell the difference between HPV and vaginal pimples/lumps?

Identifying HPV. Vulvar & vaginal warts (hpv) can appear similar to other skin lesions and are contagious via direct skin contact. As such, suspicious skin lesions should be evaluated by a physician who can offer tests, treatment, & counseling, as needed.
May be difficult. They may look very simple but hpv looks more like a grouping of tiny fluid filled blisters that open and crust whereas pimples are filled with pus. However this is an oversimplification and your doctor may be the best person to make this diagnosis, .

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How do doctors determine if it's HPV or just vaginal pimples/lumps?

May not be obvious. A physical exam by a practitioner experienced with hpv is necessary. Sometimes even then it is not clear, and occasionally a tiny biopsy is helpful. Read more...