How can I deal with a sore arm after the 3rd cervical cancer vaccine?

Give it time. You can help alleviate some of the soreness with massage or a warm compress. But, give it time, and the soreness will improve.
Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin. Arm soreness after a vaccination can be relieved by taking tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin for a couple of days. Some people feel better by putting a cold pack on the vaccine site. If soreness is more than mild, or if there is more than slight firmness at the site, one should see a primary care doctor to evaluate for infection at the shot site, which would need to be treated with antibiotics.

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What can I do to avoid a sore arm after the 3rd cervical cancer vaccine?

HPV does hurt! Hpv is probably the roughest vaccine on people. Standing by to ice your arm and take Ibuprofen or nuprin (ibuprofen) (with food and a full glass of liquid) helps. Have someone else drive so you can keep icing a full twenty minutes (be sure no ice is directly on skin--use cloth protection. No need to add frostbite to your woes) many suggest then using the sore muscle aids quicker recovery. Read more...

How can I avoid a sore arm after the next cervical cancer vaccine?

Can't. Your arm is sore after every vaccination you get in it, because the immune system reacts to the foreign antigens in the injection. That's how it works, and you can't avoid this because if it didn't happen you wouldn't develop immunity. Read more...