Dear sirs, my daughter is 22 years old and she has MS (multiple schelerosis), so what is the best medicine for such case. Thanking you in advance.?

Many options. There are many answers to your question. Most neurologists would choose an immune suppressant medication (either an injection or a pill) and look after her vitamin D level. The answer depends on the patient and their history.
VARIABLE. No 2 ms pts are alike, medicines may be helpful for some, but useless for others. If recently been diagnosed, her MRI and exam can predict how aggressive the illness may become. With a large burden of disease, and an abnormal exam, it is best to start with the most potent meds, such as tysabri (natalizumab) or gilenya. Years 1-5 are most critical. Need efficacy from the start. Also, vit d, 5-10k u/day.