Do you necessarily have to go through chemotherapy if you have vaginal cancer?

No, depends. You should be seeing a gyn-oncologist, but it depends on the severity and size of the vaginal cancer. Typically, radiation may be necessary, again it depends on the severity and size as determined by initial surgery for removal and staging of the cancer.
Vaginal Cancer Rx. Not necessarily. It depends in the cancer stage - how far the tumor has invaded and spread to adjacent tissues and/ or distant sits. Your oncology team is best suited to make that determination. Sometimes surgery is sufficient; other times radiation therapy is recommended. In higher stage disease, surgery is often combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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Is radiation and chemotherapy the only way to get rid of vaginal cancer?

It depends... Vaginal cancer treatment can depend on size of tumor and whether or not it is suspected to have spread to lymph nodes or other sites in the pelvis. If it is caught early enough and once the pathologist reports on the extent of disease, you should talk with your gyn-oncologist on appropriate, specific treatment for you. Read more...
Depends. Usually chemoradiation is the way to go. Surgery can potentially play a role depending on the details of the tumor. Here is a good resource on vaginal cancer. Read more...