Do you get pink or white discharge with endometrial cancer?

Bleeding can occur. One of the signs of endometrial cancer is vaginal bleeding after menopause. Pink discharge could be a sign of bleeding. If a woman is having bleeding after menopause, it would be a good idea to visit her doctor.
Endometrial cancer. The most common symptom or sign of endometrial cancer is bleeding or spotting. A pinkish discharge would be spotting.

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My sister was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I'm having heavy, irregular periods and watery, bloody discharge. Should I be concerned about cancer?

Always . Be concerned with a positive family history but you have irregular periods common in the perimenopause and a more common symptom would be bleeding between periods . Read more...
Yes. it might be peri meopausal symptoms but the best thing is to get it checked by your GYN specially if you never had h/o irregular periods before. Read more...