Do they force you have a pelvic exam in order to get birth-control?

No. You do not need to have a pelvic exam in order to get birth control medication, but you should be open and honest with your physician about your sexual practices and concerns so that he or she can be best equipped to treat you.
Pelvic exam. Some one is not going to be forced to have a pelvic examination. It is important to make sure by a pelvic examination that there aren't other problems going on at that time.

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Do you need a pelvic exam in order to get birth-control?

Hormonal, yes. Hormonal forms of contraception are still dispensed in the usa at the md's physical examination to rule out medical conditions that might preclude their use that exam for females does include a pelvic exam.

My docter wants me to have a pelvic exam in order to get my refill in birth control. Why?

Standard practice. This is more than a refill for an asthma inhaler. Surveillance for cancer, infection and a review of potential new risks for continuing the drugs are all part of routine use of this class of drugs. Any abnormalities on a previous exam may warrant a more frequent exam and testing. This is a simple question that you should feel comfortable asking the doc or his staff, and the answer should make sense.

What do you suggest if my docter wants me to have a pelvic exam in order to get my refill in birth control.?

Get tested. This is a routine part of women's health. If you don't get it done, you might loose out on a chance to pick up cervical or uterine cancer in the early treatable stages.
Trying to save lives. You thank your doctor for caring enough about your life to offer you the right health care. The saddest day of my medical career was doing a pelvic exam for a patient I had delivered five babies over the years after she had avoided her regular pelvic exams and pap smears to fine a large mass of tumor covering her cervix. She left five babies motherless. Go get your exam and pap smear.

Is there a way to get birth control without pelvic exam?

Yes.. Frequently a doctor doesn't need to do a pelvic exam before prescribing the pill. Occasionally it is important. Sometimes an ultrasound can be substituted instead of an exam.
Depends on variables. There are many over the counter products that need no exam or prescription. There is also good reason for pelvic exam and disease screening in anyone that is sexually active. The issue should be discussed with the office staff of the location you use.

Can there be any way I can get birth control without a pelvic exam?

Depends on the docto. If you are not having pain, have regular periods, then you may not 'need' to have a pelvic exam in my opinion. Screening for sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea/chlamydia) is usually recommended for young, sexually active women, but this could be done with a urine sample. Really, it will depend on the doctors personal opinion and preference.

Can you suggest how to get birth control pill without the pelvic exam?

Would not recommed. I would recommend if you see your family doc to have a very good history, physical examination and any risk factor against taking the pill. It is also important that the right kind of pill should be selected and given to you. Pelvicc examination is not mandatory but pregnancy test need to be done and breast examination also should be done.