Does cervical spine or lumbar spine surgery have the best prognosis and ease of surgery? Is artificial disc replacement or fusion  surgery best for treating cervical spondylosis?

Many variations. Anterior or posterior, discectomy, decompression, or fusion. All affect recovery rates. For fusions, anterior cervical tends to be an easier recovery than lumbar. Cervical adr is quite comparable to fusion for short and mid-term outcomes. Longer term studies may show better long-term results than fusion, but we currently don't have enough data.
Cervical spondylosis. Cervical disc surgery includes posterior non fusion approaches versus anterior fusion or disc replacements. Disc replacement in the cervical spine may be an option for single level treatments for patients with radiculopathy (arm pain). By preserving motion there may be a reduction in adjacent level problems although this has not been proven. Talk to a spine specialist concerning options.
The surgery with the. Best prognosis & the best outcomes is the one that is truly indicated after failing nonoperative care done by a surgeon who is well qualified who will note ease of surgery for the surgeon and the appropriately selected patient. This would be an orthopedic spine surgeon or neurosurgeon . The ideal patient is a non obese nonsmoker in otherwise good shape.

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How effective are disc replacement options in lumbar spine? Cervical spine?

See below. They are safe and effective and have similar results as the clasSic ACDF their advantages over the fusion are theoretical in my opinion the Acdf has a 95% chance at relieving arm pain neither are neck pain procedures , both do a good job relieving arm pain from pinched neck nerves early adopters of new technology can be surprised by outcomes since they are not as well studied without long term . Read more...

How is a cervical artificial disc replacement surgery performed?

Like a fusion. A cervical disc arthroplasty (disc replacement) is approached the same way a cervical fusion is done. Which is through a small incision in the front of the neck. But instead of placing bone graft in the space that the disc used to occupy for fusion, it is replaced with a mobile disc replacement. The procedure takes just as long as a fusion. Read more...
It is the same . Approach as doing an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion by entering from the front of the neck and moving the strucures out of the way like the thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea and carotid vessels down to the spine to remove the entire problem disc and precisely placing the artificial disc into that disc space so it is perfectly sized and aligned. Read more...