Is it safe to get a bikini wax while pregnant?

Yes. Bikini waxing is safe in pregnancy. You will often have more hair on your body and your skin will often be more sensitive when you are pregnant but otherwise it should be fine.
Usually yes. Since this is a superficial treatment it is very unlikely to cause any risk to your pregnancy. However, it is possible that additives to waxing materials may pose a small risk. Since waxes used for this are not controlled by the fda there is no way of knowing what additional substances may be present. Sticking with plain wax would be the safest thing, and ask you OB doctor.

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Is it safe to get a bikini wax during pregnancy?

Yes. There is no medical reason to not get a bikini wax during pregnancy but it may be more painful. Increased blood flow and edema to the vaginal area in pregnancy may cause the procedure hurt more than you were used to prior to pregnancy.

How long does hair need to be for a bikini wax and is it safe to do repeatedly?

Long enough.... ..For the wax to adhere to the hair shafts - which isn't very long - but the longer it is, the more hairs will be removed. Yes, it is safe to do repeatedly - but if you have a lot of hair and expect to be doing it frequently, consider going to a dermatologist (not a spa!) for laser hair removal, which is more or less permanent, and cheaper in the long run.

Is getting a bikini wax safer than shaving?

No. Waxing is essentially wholesale plucking, so it's no different than shaving from a safety perspective, it just lasts longer.