I have a spot in the inside of my cheek. It feels like I just bit it a couple of times but its not that because its too high. What could it be?

Location is needed. A spot inside your cheek could be from biting. Cheeks can be pretty flabby and the bite may not line up with your bite. However...If it is up higher it could be a stone or sialolith blocking the salivary dict that is in you cheek about the height of you upper molars. Go see a dentist and it may be a quick cure or at least you might get an answer.
Cheek. If you have no pain, not sore, it is the duct of a salivary gland, (parotid gland).
Saliva Duct. If the spot is not painful, there is a normal lump of tissue that sits high along the inside of your cheek. This is one of the places where the saliva comes out and into your mouth. There are times when it can be enlarged. If it is not painful, it is probably normal.