Could all your labs and liver test be perfect and ultrasound show borderline heptamegly and fatty steosis could you still have beggining. Cirrhosis?

Follow visits,labs+. Not all the cases of fatty liver end up in cirrhosis. But if you use alcohol abstinence totally if possible will be a preventive effect from your side. Though labs are ok now, periodic liver fn. Test once in 3-6 months , physical exam for following the hepatomegaly atleast once every 6 months needed. Also when you take any new medication be careful about the sideeffects of medications aff. Liver.

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If your labs and liver blood work is all good ans ultrasound showed borderline heptmegly and fatty steosis could that still be beggining cirrhosis?

Maybe. Enlarged liver and fatty liver are not specific for cirrhosis. These are common findings with many liver diseases. Still, they are not normal and you require further testing to figure out why. It is imperative to be sure you don't have hepatitis or hiv. Read more...