If I have a compressed nerve in my foot due to scar tissue from and ankle sprain how is it treated and what is the recovery time?

Neuroma. After trauma to the ankle and foot there can develop a scar in the small nerves that becomes very painful. When this scar is on the sole of the foot or in the small spaces between the toes, or in the location of the tendons and joints, there can be considerable discomfort and disability. A good foot specialist (podiatrist) can help with management. Surgery may just cause more problems.
Sclerosing injection. Sclerosing injections help with nerve pain. Also steroid injections can be used to break down the scarring and make you feel better.
See note. Initially conservative care will consist of corticosteroid injections, anti inflammatories, topical gels, anti-seizure meds such as Neurontin and lyrica, (pregabalin) tens units and some would consider alcohol sclerosing injections. If all is unsuccessful consideration for surgical neuro lysis or neuroplasty may be entertained. This is commonly performed in our practice.
Recovery time varies. Recover time will vary depending on many factors including age, general health of the patient, infection control, smoker or not, blood sugar control, the exact type of procedure, surgery or no surgery, and post-operative and follow up care. Discuss it with your surgeon and get their opinion as to what they feel is a reasonable recovery time for you.

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