Is it safe to douche while pregnant?

No. Douching is never a good idea. It disrupts the natural balance of the vaginal flora and makes you more susceptible to infection. During pregnancy, there is a risk of introducing infection into the uterine cavity.
Not recommended. The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists recommends AGAINST Douching.
Douching. This is what i tell my patients...If douching was recommended you would see doctors or nurses on douche product commercials. I really think of them as a waste of time and money. In pregnancy douching really shouldn't be done at all. If you have an odor issue see your OB doctor or midwife for evaluation.

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What happens if I douche while pregnant?

Douching is NOT REC. Recommneded when you are pregnant, cause it could cause bleeding, an infection as bacteria could get pushed up into the uterus, depending on how far you are along could cause rupture of membranes and rarely other more serious probelms, please discuss with your ob. Read more...