I was just diagnosd with mctd...No symptoms just rnp antibody of 1.9 and anachoice screen-positive...What lies ahead for me?

Diagnosis? Connective tissue diseases can only be diagnosed if a person has symptoms and physical signs of a disease. Mctd cannot be diagnosed by blood test alone as a percent of the normal population has a positive rnp without any disease. It is not like checking your blood type (a positive, o negative, etc.). Ask your doctor how the diagnosis of mctd was made.
Lab not impressive. The lab results you describe are unimpressive and not suggestive of a mctd, especially in an individual with not symptoms. Why were the tests done in the first place if you have no symptoms? It makes no sense to me but i doubt the diagnosis. See a rheumatologist.

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I was just diagnosd with mctd rnp antibody of 1.9 and anachoice screen-positive the only symptom is joint pain in my hand/wrist (i do have carpal tnl?

Positive Labs. Positive labs are meaningless unless you have symptoms. At this point, your doctor is aware of the positive results and will likely follow your symptoms. The positive simply means you are at a greater chance of developing symptoms though not everybody does. Read more...
Not sure. It is difficult to truly assess whether you have mctd or not. The presence of the rnp antibody in your blood does not mean anything by itself; you must have symptoms that can be attributed to this. Not having mctd does not rule out other autoimmune disease. Technically, when I am confident of a mctd diagnosis, i see some muscle weakness, mild raynaud's/sclerodactyly, and joint stiffness/swelling. Read more...