How soon after a vaginal birth can I start birth control pills?

2 weeks. You can start a progesterone-only pill about 2 weeks postpartum. A combined pill with estrogen and Progesterone shouldn't be started until a few months after delivery as the estrogen can slightly increase your risk of blood clots immediately postpartum and can decrease your milk supply if started too soon.
You may not need any. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, the intervals between feeding or expressing breastmilk is less than 6 hours and you are less than 6 months postpartum then there is only a 2% chance of pregnancy. In this instance you can wait on starting the mini-pill(progesterone only) until at least 6 weeks postpartum if not later. If supplementing with formula, then 3 weeks postpartum.
4 weeks. If you are not breast feeding you may start the usual birth control pill 4 weeks postpartum. If you are breast feeding then you may consider the minipill as previously answered.

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Could inserting birth control pills vaginally be effective?

Nuvaring. I admire your innovative thinking. In this case, inserting birth control pills vaginally is not effective. However, inserting NuvaRing in the vagina is effective. This soft contraceptive ring is inserted in the vagina for 3 weeks, removed for 1 week and then replaced by a new one. Read more...

How long does the heavy vaginal bleeding last after you start taking birth control pills?

Not usual. Heavy bleeding is not typical upon starting the pill. While it is common to have some irregular or break through bleeding or is not typically heavy. Check again with your doctor to assess the uterus for any abnormalities with an ultrasound and your blood tests for clotting problems. Read more...

Will they perform the pelvic/vaginal test on my daughter at her first visit to dr to get the birth control pills?

Depends on variables. If she is sexually active she will need the exam and some screening tests for std's. If not, they may do a basic external exam and evaluate the anatomy, a wet q-tip inserted through the opening can confirm the length of the vagina, as some girls are born without this forming.You can call ahead and seek information on their basic protocol. Read more...