Daughter is 6 months old. I started brown rice cereal. How long should I wait before I introduce fruit

Whats the hurry. Infants on breast alone have better nutritional balance than those on lots of foods. That aside, the goal of solid introduction is more about teaching a new method of feeding than running thru all the baby foods. A simple plan of one new item per wk starting @ 6m, using your usual foods as a guide will give you pleanty of safe foods for baby. Any food may cause a rxn that requires hospital care.
Now. Babies at 6 months of age can be on table food. I recommend using a small food processor. At 3 mos. Start cereals, fruits, and juices. At 4 mos. Start vegetables. At 5 mos start meats. At 6 mos table food. Between 6-12 mos., babies can have 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.