I have sle lupus is it normal to be sweating?

Systemic disease. The sin sle is systemic meaning it can affect multipleorgsn systems including skin, joints, kidneys, lungs , heart, etc. Although sweating is not a common occurrence, any symptom is possible in an unique individual. Depending on the area absorbent powder, evening antiperspirant may be helpful. Have your doctor evaluate you for internal involvement re kdneys etc.
Yes. It depends on why you're sweating. Your sweating may have nothing to do with your systemic lupus.

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I have sle lupus. Is it normal to wake up with my neck sweating?

See response below. Night sweats can happen with disease activity/flare or infections, you need to check your temperatures and keep a diary and tell your rheumatologist , if it only happened once, you do not need to worry about it. Females can have thyroid problems which lead to heat/cold intolerance, patients need at least annual thyroid testing. Read more...

I'm having severe hair loss, excessive sweating to the point where it's embrassing, fatigue, but fulll thyroid panel normal. What's going on? Lupus?

Well . Several illnesses can explain or cause fatigue hair loss and sweating.possibilities are collagen vascular disorder like lupus, fungal Or bacterial scalp skin infection, stress, vitamin deficiency various type rashes endocrine disorder or Siri or medical illness of many different types. Consult a primary care physician for specific diagnosis and treatment. Read more...