Are there some good psychiatrists on this health tapp panel that I've been talking to?

Yes. Thanks for your question. There are many good psychiatrists on healthtap, and you've had responses from many of them. However, these short question & answer interchanges are not like "talking to" your own psychiatrist. Working privately with your own local psychiatrist would give you more opportunity to be heard -- and to receive substantive help if you desire this. Good luck to you.
Psychiatrists. U would be the good judge on that. Hope your questions are responded to in timely manner.
What do you think? There are many psychiatrists on this site. I wonder if you have read some of our answers and what you think of us so far? There is really no way that we psychiatrists are able to provide an evaluation or treatment within the limits of our 400 character answers to the questions. In my opinion, anyone with a major psychiatric disorder should have regular visits with their own psychiatrist.