Is there a blood test for lupus?

Yes. There is a simple blood test for lupus called an "ana" (for antinuclear antibody). It is positive, or detectable, in about 20% of healthy people, so it is only helpful as an initial screening. A doctor can ask questions, perform a physical exam and order further tests to figure out if a positive test indicates lupus. A negative test is very reassuring.
No. There are blood tests that can suggest a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus but a diagnosis is not made on blood tests alone. Frequently doctors and patients refer to the ANA as a test for lupus but more people have a positive ANA that don't have lupus than do have lupus an other diseases can cause a positive ana, like hypothyroidism.

Related Questions

My skin is sore, my joints feel like they have the flu, I have a headache for over 10 days & my doctor says my blood test for lupus is normal.?

Many possibilities. Unclear as to absolute diagnmosis as these are several non-specific symptoms. They range from simple viral disease to more serious possibilties. The most troubling is a headache lasting this long. More information is needed to guide you but follow up with your primary care and possibly seeing a neurologist is suggested.

What are the signs of lupus if the blood test didn't show anything?

See details. Http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0041704/ The above link should give you the info. However, if the ANA is negative, the chances of you having lupus is small.

What are rheumatoid factor and other blood test results that suggest lupus?

ANA, Sm, antidsDNA. Laboratory tests are important but not the only factor in diagnosing lupus. Generally the screening test is for anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) more specific tests are antibodies to sm antigen and double stranded dna.

If you is tell by your doctor just buy a blood test that you might have lupus what else could it be?

Many factors. Nobody really knows what lupus is, but making the diagnosis is crucial and lives depend on it. Bloodwork is one component along with other clinical features. The usual screen is the anti-nuclear antibody assay which picks up the vast majority of cases, though most people with positive ANA do not have lupus. Ask the titer, pattern, follow-up labs.

What is the likelihood of a false negative herpes type specific blood test with background of lupus (sle)?

About 0% to 9% Quest diagnostics' website states that their herpes type-specific IgG antibody test is 91-100% sensitive, so there are a few false negative results. A repeat test can be done 4-6 weeks later, if worried about a false negative. Lupus should not affect the result, but if a person is on strong immuno-suppressive therapy, his antibody production may be blocked, which may make test results unreliable.
SLE. There is always the possibility. The simplest way to rule out an error is to simply ask to have the test repeated. If you do not have symptoms and the test is same as first, it confirms the accuracy of the first test.

False positive for Lupus, now positive for HCV, waiting on blood test to confirm. Could HCV cause a false + for lupus?

Yes. False positive test for ANA can occur with viral infections (hepatitis, parvovirus), aging, medications (prescription, OTC) etc.