Any risks with tissue or metal heart valve replacements in a person who has sle?

Possibly. Need to discuss individual case with cardiologist and cqrdiothoracic surgeon if there is heart involvement, and if drugs would make surgery or recovery more difficult.
Yes. Systemic lupus erythematosus (sle or lupus) complicates heart surgery in general. Underlying organ dysfunction, immunosuppression increasing risk of infection, and altering already abnormal immune and coagulation systems with cardiopulmonary bypass increase surgical risk. There is no real consensus on what kind of valve in better for patients with lupus, and good data are lacking.
Same as non lupus. The risks are the same as people who do not have lupus but there can be issues related to the activity of the lupus, the medication such a steroid or immunosuppression and risk of infection. Just because you may have lupus does not mean that you will not have a good surgical outcome. Remember you are a normal person who also has lupus.

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If I'm having a heart valve replacement do I have the right to insist on a tissue valve or mechanical valve?

Absolutely. Your doctor hopefully will apprise you of the risks/benefits of both valve types. You as the patient, armed with that advise, can make the decision. Often times, your doctor will recommend one over the other, but again, you make the final decision.
Sort of. You can discuss the 2 types of valves with your surgeon and even tell them what your preference is. If the surgeon disagrees you can see a different surgeon for a different opinion. It is possible you would find someone who would put the other type in. You cannot however demand a surgeon do a particular procedure or use a particular device if they don't think it is indicated.

How risky is a heart valve replacement surgery on an obese person?

Increased if very. Obesity may complicate not only the mechanics of the surgery, but the anesthetic, respiratory and healing processes after such major open heart surgery. The risks go up with severity of obesity and if obesity related conditions like diabetes or sleep apnea are present. Transcatheter valve procedures can minimize the risk, but are less widely available and applicable.
Heart valve. Hard to give a number, but being obese definitely increases your risk during and after heart valve surgery.

What is the stroke and death risk of sapien3 valve so pared to open heart valve replacement?

10% if no prior sc. For valve. And sts score low less than 10% ridh even with both pricedures low post operative problems with sapian valve.

What do you advise for heart valve replacement military?

Depends. There are many options: repair, and replacement with mechanical and bio-prosthetic (tissue) valves. Issues to discuss regarding valve choice included durability, need for re-operation, and anticoagulant etc. Occupation and lifestyle (and willingness to modify) has influence on decision too. Valve pathology is another thing to weigh.