About a week ago my left knee locked on me and my knee cap has been sore ever since. I can walk on the leg its just sore all the time.?

Locking knee. A locked knee can be due to a "loose body" --osteochondral or cartilagenous fragment that has broken off from the surrounding articular cartilage. This can occur after a patella (kneecap) dislocation. A locked knee can also occur with a severe meniscal tear such as a bucket handle tear.

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I just stood up from lying on the sofa and I suddenly have a tingling feeling in my left knee/knee cap when walking. I can walk normally and it bends?

Nerve. Sounds like its transient nerve compression when you are sitting /lying down .If you can walk and bend it normally ..nothing to worry. If it persists get it checked out with your doc.. Read more...