Pls describe a metabolic syndrome?

SyndromeOfRiskFactor. Metabolic Syndrome consists of number of conditions 1Abdominal Obesity Waist40" or more in men and 35"or more in women 2High Blood Pressure 3Insulin Resistance 4Low HDL/High Triglyserides more than 150mgm/dl 5Fasting Bood Glucose of 100mgm or more Metabolic Syndrome patients are at High risk of developing full blown Diabetes,Cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. Prevention is key.
Insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome is very preventable. Excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake cause high blood sugar levels, which then make your Insulin levels rise. Over time the chronically high Insulin levels lead to Insulin resistance and you will need to make higher and higher levels of Insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Eventually you will have full blown diabetes, heart disease and htn.
Metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of abnormalities: central obesity, hypertension, low hdl, high triglycerides, and some disorder of glucose (diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance). It is a "syndrome", which means noone knows exactly why these things cluster together, but there are genetic tendencies. The most important treatment is weight loss/exercise, and treament of the bp, lipids, glucose.